Well, that didn’t take long. Effective immediately, CBC is switching MVP (featuring Kristin Booth, above) from Friday to Tuesday, sending jPod to TV’s darkest night. Both shows were just launched earlier this month.

In a terse press release, the network announced that, “Beginning February 5, viewers can watch CBC Television’s sizzling new dramatic series MVP, ‘The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives’ on Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. Effective February 8, jPod will air on Friday nights at 9:00 p.m. replacing MVP.”

As noted here earlier today, jPod got pasted this past Tuesday, scoring just 159,000 viewers nationally opposite a new episode of House.

The doctor is in again next week, which doesn’t bode well for MVP in its new day and time. The sexy prime time soap has fans, including John Doyle at The Globe and Mail, but so far hasn’t been able to deliver, drawing just 250,000 viewers nationally last Friday.

Still, MVP opened low and shed a little, while jPod has dropped like a jRock. A U.S. network would have reacted in exactly this way by now–which is why it is such a shock to see CBC flip shows so fast.

Many of us wondered all along why a slick series like MVP was buried on Friday. Tuesday is a much more competitive night, but also a night when people actually watch television, so this move makes sense if you see more upside in MVP than in jPod–which CBC clearly does.


  1. This isn’t surprising Bill, as I watched the first few episodes of jPod and found it to be quite awful. I had such high hopes for it, but was quite disappointed. The Border, on the other hand, is quite a good show, and I’ve been enjoying it immensely.

  2. Leading a horse to water and making it drink would be easier than the state funded broadcaster trying to make Canadians watch those horrible shows.

    Let’s admit the inevitable…the state funded make-work project that is now the CBC is the last dodo bird limping along. PM Harper has to do all Canadian taxpayers a favor and put this raggedy bird under…mercifully.


    It’s just so sad.

    It’s a fast react for the CBC. Good news. It’s clear JPOD was sinking where it was, and I don’t think they’re wrong that MVP could perform better.

    Moreover — It’s a proactive move from a corp that’s done everything it could lately to change the way it’s done things in the past.

    Would that the ilk such as “no mas” bothered to change their rhetoric at the same rate, maybe they’d come up with a new, exciting, engaging and useful critique of CBC instead of the same old dittohead talking points bullshit.

  4. exit strategy Reply

    Hey look! it’s Layfield headed for the exit door…clutching the state funded severance package.

    Buh bye.

  5. based on what?

    Numbers are up. if not as much as some hoped for, ok but sure ad fuck better than they were. how do you fire for that?

    what’s your evidence?

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