Global Warming? Try Global Meltdown –

How far has mighty Global slipped this season? Try behind CBC in the overall ratings. Sorta.
A release from the public broadcaster sent out via email in the last hour declared that “CBC-TV TRUMPS GLOBAL WITH PRIME-TIME SHARE OF 7.8.” Apparently this hasn’t happened since 1995 (and even that’s hard to believe, given Global had Friends, Frasier and The X-Files back then).
The context has been sweetened, however. CBC conveniently narrows the season down to Oct. 1, 2007, to April 6, 2008, or, as they put it, weeks six through 32 of the season. During those weeks, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., CBC claims today that it averaged a 7.8 audience share among adults 2+ compared to Global’s 7.4. (All numbers BBM/NMR.)
That narrow time frame is a little too handy. It chops off the first month of the actual TV season, when Global kicked ass with the return of hit U.S. shows like House, Heroes, Survivor and Prison Break. CBC, which doesn’t start their season until October, gets hammered every September. The skewered survey also chops off the last two weeks, when new US episodes finally limped back onto Global’s schedule in the wake of the writers strike (although CBC can now count those high NHL playoff numbers).
It basically narrows things down to CBC’s advantage, especially those first 10 weeks of 2008, when the CBC launched several new prime time shows opposite Global’s strike-decimated schedule. It would be like the Leafs saying, hey, throw out those six horrible weeks around Christmas, and don’t count any games against tough teams, and we’re in the playoffs. It just doesn’t work that way.
Still, a year ago, Global could have beaten the CBC schedule with Deal Or No Deal and reruns of Train 48. Global is reeling, and those last four new episodes of House, which start on a new night next Monday, can’t come fast enough.


  1. I have to think that whole thing is just some sort of Kabuki joke, and largely reminiscent of the duelling press release game that Global and CTV have been playing for a couple years now, patting each other on the backs for the high ratings of the shows that they didn’t have any hand in selecting, developing, or buying until they were done. Say what you will (and I agree the massage of the season-length is hilarious) — at least CBC actually did it with programs THEY developed. And no, “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader — CANADA!” doesn’t count.

    You’re right though. If I was up on Barber Greene now I’d be sacrificing goats to Hugh Laurie.

  2. D’oh. Clearly, Global and CTV haven’t been patting each other on the backs…they’ve been patting themselves on the backs. My bad.

    Oh, and to save time — this is just another case…socialist… blah blah, market forces, left-wing, blah blah blah go to church, I am important damnit, CBC doobie doo, dope smoking, gay, ibid every other discussion topic.

  3. I think everyone should sacrifice goats to Hugh Laurie anyway. Just ’cause.

    I enjoyed this CBC release because it did seem like the little brother trying to get in on the Global/CTV big boys’ pissing match, but I love hearing the analysis behind it. I knew there was likely more to the story, because there always is.

  4. Audience share?
    7.8% of what?

    Television viewers have disappeared and ratings are shrinking fast – the BBM numbers are skewed and twisted to project an optimistic account of success in Canadian broadcasting – a world where American television is simulcast with Canadian advertising and promos – money for nothing – and billions of tax dollars are pissed away on MOW’s about Rene Lesvesque or political comedy specials with gay misfits and the mentally retarded.

    And then they pay socialists with substance abuse issues to blog about the success of a cultural industry which is ignored and despised by those with real jobs who are forced to pay for it.

    I’ll tell you what’s coming next – Canadians will start to cancel their cable TV and it will become epidemic.

    7.8 % audience share my ass.

  5. Suck it Global! Years of making crazy money simulcasting American shows without producing any Canadian programming deserves a little schadenfreude.

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