Paging David Hasselhoff: Believe it or not, there is footage posted on YouTube of somebody taking the suped-up Shelby Mustang KITT car from the new series Knight Rider for a joy ride in front of the Royal York hotel this afternoon. Check out the vis:

What the hell??? As you can see, while the super cool black Shelby Mustang is left idling after being off-loaded in front of Toronto’s Union Station, in full view of a small crowd, somebody seems to hop into the driver’s seat and take off up the street. There’s already a posting about this up at BlogTO.
If this is true, SOME DUDE JUST MADE OFF WITH A HALF-MILLION DOLLAR CAR. That’s how tricked out these TV ‘stangs are. Global may have to give back all that 90210 money they took in last week!
According to the Global publicity department, yes, they did bring KITT to Toronto (or at least a tricked out facsimile of the vehicle used in the series). Yes, somebody did hop in and drive off. The KITT-napping took place around 12:15 today. Fans had lined up to get photos taken with the ‘stang, but saw their photo-op drive up the street.
Police are hoping from some word from the car itself, which can talk.
By sheer coincidence, Knight Rider, starring Justin Bruening, is set to debut next Wednesday at 8 on E! and NBC.


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  2. I also want to drive Knight Rider car at least one time. In Knight Rider tv show car is really amazing. really amazing car designed by Michael Knight.

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