The Rick Mercer Report drew 1,262,000 viewers Tuesday night, it’s biggest audience of the season. Tuesday night is fast becoming TV night in Canada, with high numbers across all three Canadian networks.
Mercer’s show, which showed him skiing with Olympic champion-turned-senator Nancy Greene, came third in its 8 p.m. timeslot, behind CTV powerhouse American Idol (1,929,000) and Global’s stealth hit, NCIS (1,556,000).
This Hour Has 22 Minutes, which found Geri Hall at the NHL All-Star game, followed Mercer with its biggest audience of the year, 944,000 viewers (all numbers BBM/NMR overnight estimates). That, too, is up against Idol and NCIS.
Viewership drops dramatically Tuesday at 9, however, at least on CBC (550,000 for the Calgary cowgirl drama Wild Roses) and especially over at Global (just 220,000 for 90210). CTV’s sci-fi rookie drama Fringe pulled 1,304,000 out of Idol.
Tuesdays at 10, Global’s Project Runway Canada tripped and fell down to 282,000 viewers. That was against close-to-a-million audiences on both CTV (Law & Order:SVU, 963,000) and the CBC National News (907,000).
Other numbers of note: Jeopardy! continues to own oldies, with 1,076,000 and 1,153,000 tuning in across Canada Monday and Tuesday. The Hour scored 207,000 at 11 Tuesday night.
The good news continued Wednesday for CBC with 1,019,000 tuning in for The Week The Women Went.

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