Cory Monteith Spreads Glee in Toronto –

Before skipping town, I had a chance to catch up with Canadian-born Glee standout Cory Monteith (seen here winning a 2000 Chrysler Neon). Monteith, who is in Toronto this week doing promotion for the series, spilled the beans about Finn clueing in on an upcoming episode that he’s not Quinn’s baby-daddy. “He loses his shit!” says Monteith. Let’s see them set that to music.
I also asked Monteith what he thinks about a take some reporters (notably in Rolling Stone) are taking with this series; namely, that it is the gayest show on TV. “Some journalists just have to put everything in a box,” says Monteith. “I mean, what does that mean?”
You can watch Monteith work in a few solos on this week’s Glee, Wednesday night at 9/8c on Global and Fox. Read more about likable Monteith in the story I wrote for The Canadian Press.

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  1. CBC News Network on channel 26 was similarly blacked out at the same time.
    I was certain they were trying everything they could to prevent more bad press about the dismal National.
    Seems viewership so bad no one noticed!

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