Kimmel Does More Jaywalking on Letterman –

It’s curious how the most interesting guests on late night talk shows these days are other late night talk show hosts. Jimmy Kimmel guested on Letterman Tuesday night and the two talked about, as Letterman called it, the whole “Jay Leno scandal.” Always the truth teller, Kimmel teased Letterman for that CBS Super Bowl promotion spot, where Leno appeared on Letterman’s couch with Oprah. “We had him,” says Kimmel, “and you threw him a lifesaver during the Super Bowl!”
Kimmel was far more deferential with Letterman than he was when he sandbagged Leno during that notorious 10 at 10 segment, allowing Letterman to characterize the bitter feud that is the late night wars as just a bunch of club comics goofing on each other. (Although he did speak up when Letterman suggested nobody got hurt, saying he though Conan O’Brien might disagreed about that.)
Meanwhile, in other late night news, Jimmy Fallon just announced a special Rolling Stones week May 10-14. Each night will feature another artist performing cuts from the definitive Stone’s album Exile on Main Street. It sounds like Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are both booked as guests (along with an interpreter). Read more on that here.

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