Spoke with CHML’s Scott Thompson about my trip to Los Angeles courtesy Citytv. The Rogers-owned network is anxious to promote some of their rookie imports, including The Event and Undercovers. Scott also wants to know how I scored a trip to Argentina. I’ve been invited to join a few Canadian journalists later this week on the set of Wipeout Canada, which, like Wipeout every other country, shoots near Buenos Aires. Hey, beats the hell out of Brampton. You can listen in here.

I spoke with WIMA’s Mike Miller for a radio chat that was heard on the Lima, Ohio, radio station this morning. Told Mike about my visit to the set of The Event (airing tonight at 9 p.m. on Citytv and NBC)where I watched Jason Ritter work a scene outside a shut down Los Angeles hospital. Relayed a story I told Jason about interviewing his dad, John, shortly before the comedian died in 2003. John Ritter was already quite proud of his son and his acting chops–even before the younger Ritter broke through on Joan of Arcadia.

The conversation with John Ritter took place at the Masonic Temple on Yonge Street. CTV had flown in a few stars to promote their fall lineup that year. Ritter, then starrin in the comedy 8 Simple Rules (with Big Bang‘s Kaley Culio) was in a buoyant mood, except when he learned the then newly-acquired mid-town CTV studio was a converted temple. He seemed quite spooked by the surroundings and shared a story about the death of his father, singing cowboy star Tex Ritter. The elder Ritter was a Mason, and John was approached by a few of the elders who suggested to him that nothing would please his mother more than if he and his brother were to become Masons. To which Ritter replied, “Nothing would please my mother more than if my daddy would get up out of that coffin.”
You can listen in here to the entire WIMA podcast.

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