“Jay is horrible, right?” Once again, Howard Stern proves he’s the human hand grenade. The self-proclaimed King of all Media shook things up on Late Show with David Letterman Thursday night, getting in plenty of shots against Jay Leno, a big fat plug for Bill Carter’s book The War for Late Night (Stern said it was his Torah), insinuated that Regis Philbin was fired from Live! and even stirred things up at his host’s show. He pretty much accused executive producer Rob Burnett of not being focused on the job (Burnett is directing a movie) and slagged Paul Shaffer for writing his book and having too many keyboards. He stopped short of attacking Letterman, although the 57-year-old shock jock did say he wanted to retire before he stayed at his gig too long–and then looked straight at his 63-year-old host.
Perhaps the biggest bomb of all dropped last night, however, was the one Letterman let slip: he pretty much said he will leave the show at the end of his current contract (which he reportedly never signed), which runs out in about two years.

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