Hugh Laurie a Galaxie man –

BEVERLY HILLS, CA–Hugh Laurie knows how to make an exit. The star of House blasted away from the TCA press tour hotel in his fire engine red, ’66 Ford Galaxie 500. The Hilton car jockeys left it parked right outside the front door as Laurie worked press tour, promoting PBS’s Let Them Talk–A Celebration of New Orleans Blues, set to premiere Sept. 30. It allowed for a quick getaway as Laurie bolted the stage and made a B-line for the exit, avoiding questions about that weird House finale and the departure of Lisa Eidelman.

Laurie was happy to talk about his love of New Orleans jazz. The piano man called it s “city of endless marvels” and got to jam with Tom Jones and Dr. John on a few tracks. Orleans legend Allen Toussaint helped pull the sound together.
There’s a CD to go with the TV special. Laurie says this was a now or never project, or as he put it, “a Diem I had to carpe.”
He picked up the rag top in Texas en route to New Orleans for the recordings.


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