Jamco presents a brand new season of That’s So Weird! Canada’s only sketchcom aimed at ‘tweens (unless you count Being Erica). The series returns tonight at 6:30 on YTV with its seven member comedy troupe Kayla Lorette, Alana Johnston, James Hartnett, Joey Lucius, Hannah Hogan, Alex Spencer and A.J. Vaage. They star in a whole new series of Weird TV sketches, movie parodies and Jamco commercials. Jamco offers all kinds of neat products like Lady Gaga Prom Wear, those handy Throw On Pants and loud and proud Shoutback Steakhouse.
Today’s episode features iCarly‘s Jerry Trainor as well as guest star Alastair Forbes in the first episode of Spit Take Theatre.
Getting press for the third season launch of anything in Canada is like expecting the Leafs to win the Stanley Cup. It seems doable each fall but it is never going to happen. Here’s a link to a CP story I wrote on the season two launch for more info on this troupe.

Executive producer Gary Pearson has written for everything from Mad TV to 22 Minutes and you can see glimpses of those shows in these sketches. The talented young cast, who hail from across Canada, all have a hand in the writing. It’s pretty tough to walk the ‘tween tightrope and play to this most fickle niche audience but That’s So Weird! finds its mark more often than not. Kids will embrace these ready for prime time players as their own. Parents won’t have to worry about defusing any comedy club F-bombs.
Don’t let the fact that this series keeps getting nominated for Gemini Awards stop you from watching this show. It has never won! There is no Gemini stink on this show. It has no Gemini cooties. It is 100% Gemini free!
So–particularly if you are wearing a Portable People Meter–check out this Halifax-produced series, back for a third season tonight at 6:30 p.m. on YTV.

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