This week’s podcast: more Super Bowl blather –

CHML’s Scott Thompson asks about the Super Bowl. Scott did the whole crazy NBC enchilada, tuning in around noon as the Peacock network showcased Jimmy Fallon, Top Chef and everything else on their schedule. “The only thing missing was a monologue by Jay Leno,” says Thompson.
Why not, I say, what else are you gonna watch, and good on NBC for squeezing every dime out of this deal. We also talk about how Bob Costas never seems to age, which is starting to get a little creepy.
Trump endorsing Romney earlier this week was a head scratcher for Scott. We both agree this was a plug for the fifth edition of the Celebrity Apprentice, which begins Sunday night on NBC (but won’t air for another 13 days on Global. Whaa??). Romney’s not on Celebrity Apprentice, at least not yet.
I also sneak in some chat on both Smash and The River. You can listen in here.

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