Andy Dick and partner Sharna Burgess. ABC/Adam Taylor

You can tell spring is in the air once celebrities start springing in the air on another edition of Dancing with the Stars. For this 16th competition, ABC has gathered the usual suspects: a football star (Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones), an Olympic gymnast (Alexandra Raisman), a boxer (Victor Ortiz), a country singer (Kellie Pickler), a has-been country singer (Wynonna Judd), a recovering alcoholic (Andy Dick), a soap star (some guy on General Hospital), a former sports star (Olympic gold medalist Dorothy Hamill), a comedian (D.L. Hughley), two reality stars (the most recent Bachelor dude, Sean Lowe, and a diva from Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump) and a one-named Disney girl (Zendaya). There’s 12 so I’m forgetting somebody, so let’s just eliminate them now.
I’m recapping the series for, and they’re going with all the jokes. You can read the full recap here at
DWTS roared back in the ratings Monday, drawing 16.75 million overnight viewers to ABC, its biggest audience in almost a year. Funny, then, that CTVTwo kept it on the shelf, sticking with CanCon reruns.
Tuesday night there is no elimination, just a clip show (which will be seen on CTV Two) of celebrities bending, retching, swearing and vomiting, or as Andy Dicks calls it, “The ’90s.” I love this joke so much I use it again here.

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