Mr. Big meets Mr. Big in Brampton

NEW YORK–Chris Noth is a very funny man.
The actor, who plays rascal governor Peter Florrick on The Good Wife, told reporters attending the CBS International Press Junket this week in New York that he’s “glad to be bad.”
Actually, Noth was half kidding, which he did throughout the lively session. He doesn’t feel the cads he’s played on Sex and the City or The Good Wife are cads at all, just complex, imperfect human beings.
In other words, they’re as Big and ugly as the rest of us.
Noth made no attempt whatsoever to charm the foreign press, which made him all the more charming. A reporter from China could hardly wait to tell him what a big star he was over there.
“I was just in Beijing,” he said.
“Did you see your fans?” she asked?
“I couldn’t see at all–it was so polluted!”
Noth also repeated the anecdote from the original pilot shoot. When it came time for Julianna Magulies to slap him across the face (his character was cheating on her good wife), Margulies asked if she could really hit him.
“Don’t hold back,” he said.
“Wham!” said Noth, staggered by the blow. “I almost went down like a sack of potatoes! Holy cow, I hope we don’t have to do that take again–and we did!”
Read more about Noth and The Good Wife–as well as a whopper of a Sex and the City story–in this story I wrote for The Canadian Press.

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