Picture 1Okay, this is really last week’s podcast. Hey, even Rob Ford gets time off for bad behaviour every now and then.
Last week’s burning issue was how deep the cuts would be at CBC as the public broadcaster went public with its latest five year plan.

CHML’s Scott Thompson wanted to know how bad was it. While mindful of how public television is in a very tight corner, I sound a note of caution in that every broadcaster and media company is going through some sort of painful transition right now. There may be a labour dispute at the Globe and Mail. TV Guide Canada, reduced several years ago to an on-line presence by Bell Media, has been marginalized out of existence. The freebie Toronto local The Grid, owned by The Toronto Star, went down the drain. And that was just Wednesday of this week.

CBC has to reinvent itself, but so does CTV, Global and City. So does ABC, CBS and Fox. TV is not for the light-hearted. You can listen in here.

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