Go Canucks. That has to be the cry at CBC as Canada’s team stays in the Stanley Cup playoff hunt. Vancouver games took two of the top three spots in the national prime time ratings the week of April 25 to May 1 as I report over at Toronto.com’s “Remote Control” section. The team hit a high of 3,827,000 overnight, estimated viewers for their thrilling Game Seven victory over the Blackhawks, and drew another 3,236,000 for their Saturday tilt against Nashville.
Check out the full weekly ratings report here, which includes Royal Wedding numbers and the latest Canadian show tallies.


  1. It seems i can’t post a comment on the toronto.com site or even log in there so here it is here instead.

    While i love the coverage you do for tv in Canada it would really, really, really be nice if once you decide to cover a show’s ratings you would do so for the entire season. Or perhaps hook me up with your supplier of data. Whether i put it on Wikipedia or not i personally am wanting to know how Endgame is doing and this is two weeks now with no mention of it. I am also wanting to know the ratings for Showcase’s other April babies, King & XIII. Perhaps you could make an amendment or a retroactive posting to fill in the gaps. Please.

  2. They tell me they’re still working out the bugs over at Toronto.com, Jessica, please be patient. Just for you, however, here are last week’s numbers for those three Showcase dramas. Endgame did 128,000 April 25 and pulled an overnight, estimated 103,000 for the episode featuring Wendy Crewson this Monday night. XIII did 133,000 last Wednesday April 27 at 10. King scored 129,000 Sunday at 9. Keep in mind these shows get multiple airings and pull in more viewers throughout the week.
    I’m thinking Shaw should give all three a summer run on Global, open the window a little wider on shows made in Canada. All in favour?

  3. Well i was happy to read that Endgame went up a lot and then saddened to read the next few words informing me it dropped again.

    Shattered was given almost simultaneous broadcast on Global and when i picked through here to find how it did for Wikipedia i was most unimpressed. In the weeks that you reported on it Shattered drew between 245K and 431K on Global. Shattered was more like Being Erica than Flashpoint. Haven repeats being used as filler on Global, if i remember correctly, are more like Showcase original showings. Summers on Global for repeats could work very well, assuming Shaw has any interest in keeping the shows going.

    I have this theory that Showcase is not performing so great because the west coast feed is not in HD and i don’t know a single person who watches Showcase in SD. If you don’t want to wait for a repeat then King in HD is on at 6pm PT and Endgame at 7pm PT. While those are technically in prime-time most people are not looking for a more mature drama that early in the evening. If Shaw would loop the prime time schedule for the benefit of HD viewers in the west then the numbers would probably go up. Or just make a PT feed of Showcase.

    Perhaps one week you could make a little post recapping all the weeks of King so that i could use it on WP. Also, the episode of Endgame for 11 April is one that you skipped over reporting on. That is the one between the 179K and the drop to 75K. I had been fearing it was so bad you didn’t want to write that Endgame was 43K.

    XIII is doing better than i expected.

    Thank you.

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