Moonlight-Envelopegate-Oscars-2017-1488207605-640x330Scott Thompson called Monday to talk day-after Oscar fiasco. I explain to the CHML Hamilton News Radio host how mistakes are gold on live TV and how this is now the Best Oscars Ever.

Scott says he was tipped off when some guy wearing a head set was running around on stage during the Best Picture segment grabbing envelopes. It was like being at an Italian wedding.

The bad news for ABC and perhaps CTV is that there’s no way really to promote a screw up. Sunday’s Oscars may be the lowest-rated since home metering began, down from last year’s already historic lows.

For many viewers, I think, it didn’t matter if “Moonlight” of “La La Land” won. This has become a show where fewer people every year have seen many of the Best Picture nominees.

chmlamYou can listen to the entire radio report here with CHML’s Scott Thompson.


  1. Actually, it’s “Moonlight” not “Moonlighting,” which was the Cybil Shepherd/Bruce Willis show from the 1980s – which was also on ABC. But what’s one more mix-up after what happened on Oscar night?

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