Katie Brioux


The old expression, “A picture’s worth a thousand words,” might also work as “…a thousand channels.” The TV landscape is changing so rapidly some of us who report on the medium have a hard time keeping up. Somebody who has captured the big picture is Leo Espinosa, an award winning illustrator and designer originally from Bogotá,

A little over a year ago, I was invited to Ottawa to moderate a panel of Canadian TV executives. The event was Prime Time in Ottawa, which just hosted industry leaders for the 20th time earlier this month. At the session I moderated, the professionals in the room were still buzzing over a fuse colleague John Doyle

Katie and her stamps. Marie-France Coallier/The Gazette I was going to get around to giving my designer daughter Katie Brioux a shameless plug here at TVFMF but Steve Faguy at The Montreal Gazette beat me to it. Check out Faguy’s full page story in Saturday’s Gazette on the Montreal neighbourhoods stamp set Katie created and