This Week In Radio Ranting

Don Cherry, this week’s PR pissing war between CBC and Global and that over-hyped dud Gossip Girl (“No. 2 in its timeslot among girls 12-24 who wear knee socks and braces and face east”) are among the topics on this week’s radio rant with CHML’s Scott Thompson. You can listen here. You can listen here… Read on

Reviews: Celebrity Rehab and I Know My Kid’s A Star

Reality television is one of those impossibly broad catch all phrases that gets stretched so thin it starts to lose its meaning. Quite often these days it stands simply for unscripted television. It generally has very little to do with reality.Case in point are two somewhat related yet very dissimilar shows launching in Canada in… Read on

Global Fires Demo Numbers Back at CBC

The Canadian network spin war just lurched into overdrive. The Global PR department has answered yesterday’s CBC claim with a few numbers of their own.As pointed out here yesterday, CBC’s press release claiming it had surpassed Global this season in the ratings was true only if you accepted their very selective parameters of what constitutes… Read on

Bad News Travels Fast

OMFG!!! Despite all the hype about the first new episode in months, and even after The CW shut down the web feed, Gossip Girl bombed again last night. The teen soap finished a distant 5th in the U.S. overnight ratings estimates with a 1.8 rating and a 3 share! OmigodOmigodOmigod!!!WTF??? Didn’t New York magazine just… Read on

The Selling Of The President 2008

David Letterman had a “Top 10 Signs President Bush Has Too Much Time On His Hands” after this occurred on Deal Or No Deal Monday night: Bush pre-taped the bit from The White House to give a shout out to a contestant who served three tours of duty in Iraq. For the record, that does… Read on

Global Warming? Try Global Meltdown

How far has mighty Global slipped this season? Try behind CBC in the overall ratings. Sorta.A release from the public broadcaster sent out via email in the last hour declared that “CBC-TV TRUMPS GLOBAL WITH PRIME-TIME SHARE OF 7.8.” Apparently this hasn’t happened since 1995 (and even that’s hard to believe, given Global had Friends,… Read on

Welcome To Turn TV Back On Week

A few weeks ago, I emailed the folks at Adbusters to try and get some information about TV Turnoff Week. The annual effort to get people to turn off their screens for one week a year begins today and extends through April 27, although you’d never have known that at the Adbuster site. About a… Read on

OMFG!!! WTF?????

Gossip Girl is back! OMFG!! The CW press department is on hype overdrive as the teen soap returns Monday night at 8 p.m. with an all-out PR blitz.The CW has plastered “OMFG” all over their latest Gossip Girl releases. As in, “OMFG! CW Pulls Gossip Girl Streaming!”As you may have already had to explain to… Read on