LOS ANGELES–At this morning’s all important TCA general membership meeting, one issue blazed about all others–where was breakfast! No network had stepped forward at this meeting to buy us silver trays full of fluffy whipped egg yokes, sausages, bacon, toasted bagels or even pancakes. Critics who had been guzzling down vats of freshly squeezed orange juice every day for two weeks faced, well, the juice was still there but the eggs, not a damn egg in sight.
Sure there were other issues this morning: should we shut up already about the meltdown in the newspaper business, should video and still cameras be allowed at press tour, should next July’s tour be held after Comi-Con, etc.
All of it drowned out by the rumble of empty critic belly’s.
Just as several scribes seemed to lapse into unconsciousness, or at least nod off, hope arrived in at least two dozen boxes: pizzas, hot, topping filled pizzas, sent as a gift to the critics from our favorite late night talk show host, TV’s Craig Ferguson. (Eagerly digging in are journalist Mary McNamara, press tour coordinator Valerie Milano and CanWest colleague Alex Strachan.)
Yes, THAT Craig Ferguson, Scottish-born Craig Ferguson, I KNOW! Can ne not know ha much that would cost? This wasn’t yer run of the mill two-for-one coupon pizza. Some were heavy with healthy, meatless toppings. It was a pizza festival, the second time that the former TCA Award show host had so favored our members with such a meal.
Was he just sucking up to us? Will this lead to rave reviews for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, airing weeknights at 12:35 a.m. on CBS? Will bloggers start posting clips of this genius in action, in transparent attempts to get him to feed us at future TCA annual membership meetings?

Other stars, network executives and producers, use press tour to try to appeal to our intellect. Ferguson, canny Scot that he is, knows that is folly. He aims lower, and he knows us well. He knows pizza–nature’s most perfect food–can turn even a Robert Bianco review into a valentine of happiness.
Kidding aside, the man is a good egg. Thank you, TV’s Craig Ferguson, for soothing our impotent rage, if just for one morning.


  1. Hilarious…nice way to thank hisself…the youtube won’t play but it looks like Bianco? Is it?

    And thanks for the enquiry about nail health! Due to surfeit of Vitamin D and dirth of stress, they’re healthy and shiny…course that could be the crystals all over them….

  2. The YouTube clip features Ewan McGregor. If you can’t get it here, search “Ferguson Ewan McGregor” on YouTube, he guested in April and these two together are bats.

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