The Truth Is Out There

David Duchovny’s revelation that he is seeking treatment for a sex addiction seems like something straight out of Californication. Reading about it yesterday brought me back to a visit to the set earlier this summer, where I was part of a passel (gaggle?) of foreign journalists peppering Duchovny and other cast members with questions.The former… Read on

Party’s Over for Ed the Sock at City-TV

Drain the wank tank and hose down the set: Ed the Sock is hot footing it out of City-TV. After 14 seasons, the final Ed & Red’s Night Party airs tomorrow night (Friday) at 11:30.Rogers, which acquired City-TV in the fallout of the CRTC decision to allow CTV to purchase CHUM, just doesn’t think Ed… Read on

Toronto’s Summer of Hell

What is the No. 1 show among adults 18-49 in Toronto the past two summers? So You Think You Can Dance on CTV? Summer surprise Flashpoint? Did CBC’s Olympic Prime coverage take the gold medal this summer?The No. 1 show the past two summers in Toronto wasn’t on CTV, Global or CBC–it was Hell’s Kitchen,… Read on

Tony Curtis Rolls into Montreal Film Fest

You gotta like the way Tony Curtis rolls. The 83-year-old, mainly confined to a wheelchair these days (after an extended, and debilitating, bout with pneumonia a few years ago), was a guest of honor at the Montreal World Film Festival this weekend. He appeared in person Saturday at a Festival press conference held at a… Read on

They Grow Up Fast

This amazing little girl (seen with her grandmother Brioux) is university-bound this weekend. How the hell did that happen? In any event, the Brioux caravan is pointed East, packed to the sunroof and beyond with boxes and bags, and that knocks this blog out of commission for the weekend at least. Please discuss TV among… Read on

Higher, Faster, Stronger Ratings–For Now

Are we all watching the Olympics? Certainly in the U.S. that is all anyone is watching. There have been several reports on this, but Bill Carter, as usual, nailed it early with this piece in the New York Times, A Surprise Winner at the Olympic Games in Beijing: NBC: The Games have drawn an average… Read on

Jerry Krupnick: TV Fed His Family

Jerry Krupnick may not be a name most readers here will recognize. If it sounds like a name straight out of a sitcom, well, not exactly. Jerry Krupnick was a TV critic, and he died last Thursday at 82. Alan Sepinwall, who took over Krupnick’s beat about a decade ago, has all the details in… Read on

Sherri Woodstock Update

Attention Sherri Woodstock watchers. Check out this wonderful article in Saturday’s Toronto Sun by Jason MacNeil. The feature captures the essence of why we all loved Sherri (who passed away in April at 28), gives some insight into her mom Debbie’s plans to honor her daughter with this concert and reminds every one to get… Read on