Al Jean, the long-time executive producer and showrunner on The Simpsons (with Homer and Matt Groening, left), took conference calls with critics this week. He was proudly promoting the fact that the animated evergreen returns for a 20th season this Sunday at 8 p.m. on Fox and Global. Jean says the five principle voice cast members are signed for another four years (at a reported $500,000 per episode. Each!). One episode, timed to the U.S. election, will find Homer accidentally voting over and over again for Sen. John McCain in a slap at Bush’s stolen 2000 election. Plus one of the three stories in this year’s Halloween “Treehouse of Horror” treat will be a goof on The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, although they had to change the “Great” Pumpkin to the “Grand” Pumpkin to avoid a lawsuit.
More Simpsons tales take up much of this week’s TV talk with CHML Talk Radio’s Scott Thompson. There’s also some blather about new shows and ratings and Canadian content;
you can listen in here.
Speaking of radio, thanks to 680News’ Rudy Blair for helping to get the word out on Sherri Woodstock. Six bands, including Classic Albums Live, are performing Sunday, Oct. 5, in a celebration of the short, fabulous life of former Sun club and concert reporter Sherri Wood. Blair got me on the blower to chat up the show; the segment will run on his entertainment reports throughout the day tomorrow (Saturday). Tickets to the event, priced at just $20 plus the usual service fees, can be purchased here at
Speaking of Sherri, The Toronto Sun is currently reprinting some of her best columns through until next Monday. Check out today’s Wood winner here. Read right through to the last line in her interview with Sex And The City girl Kim Cattrall, it is to laff.

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