Every time I pulled into the underground parking garage at the Universal Hilton, this is what I heard. Someday, all press tour sessions will sound like this.
For a little more audio insight into the January press tour, here’s my weekly radio report with CHML’s Scott Thompson, recorded this past week in Los Angeles. There’s talk of my encounter with the new Next Mrs. Brioux, Drew Barrymore, the post mortem on the Golden Globes and doing press tour on a brown bag budget. There’s also talk about the one network who threw a good old fashioned star party, Fox, where The Osbournes and others held court. Bloody Hell! Listen in here.

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  1. Gee, I sure hope thing at NBC soon improve so Jeff Zucker can give up his part-time job…Just kidding…Everybody knows that Zucker doesn’t sound nearly so inhuman and robotic, right?

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