Box Score Reviews Debut on Toronto News 24

Why read reviews of TV shows when you can watch them–along with video clips of the show being reviewed? That’s the idea behind Box Score, my brand spankin’ new video feature. The first review, a look at the return of Hell’s Kitchen (Tues., July 21 at 8/7c on Fox and Citytv) is up right now at TorontoNews24. Jump to it here.
The one-minute segment was shot and produced by my pal Juan Fanzio, a former Toronto Sun shooter and Sun TV videographer and now full time entrepreneur who has a cool little studio down in Toronto’s Beaches district. Fanzio used to follow me with a camera and shoot the “104 Steps with Bill Brioux” review segments we used to do for Sun TV. For this down and dirty Hell’s Kitchen segment, he’s caught me walking along Queen, swearing at restaurant customers just like cranky Hell’s Kitchen chef Gordon Ramsay likes to do on his show.
That’s another buddy, Tim McConvey, in the Box Score video behind the counter of his spiffy new Pie Shack at 2305 Queen St. East. Tim’s another guy living his mid-life makeover dream. The amiable dude with the friendly mutt (his “dog shack” is right out front of the Pie Shack) used to work marketing magic for the Globe and Mail. When that gig went “poof!”, he launched a second career as a pie man. So far, the tasty concoctions are flying out of the shop.
Through another one of his ventures,, Fanzio is helping businessmen like McConvey throughout Toronto and beyond post professionally shot, minute-long commercials on their web sites and in their places of business.
Fanzio’s latest baby is TorontoNews24, a 24-hour headline news service with postings from some of the cities most-seasoned writers and voices. Look for this sucker to take off in the coming weeks as more and more name journalists jump aboard. Sign up now for free membership and stay in the news loop. Get into the mix through the forums and other feedback links.
TorontoNews24 is Fanzio’s passion and the dude has the drive and ideas to take this thing into Huffington Post territory and beyond. Box Score is a modest little feature getting some action there today. Check it out there right now and look for it here at TVFMF starting next week.

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