Canada Rocks to Canada Rocks The Capital

There’s nothing like a good party to bring Canadians back in front of their TV screens. The July 1 Canada Day celebration Canada Rocks The Capital drew a combined total of 650,000 viewers Wednesday night (276,000 CBC, 374,000 SRC according to BBM Canada overnight estimates). The bilingual broadcast, which featured Sarah Mclachlan, K’Naan, Mari-Jo Therio and others (and can still be streamed here) was up against CTV’s So You Think You Can Dance (1,272,000 “commercial” viewers) and an umpteenth Rita MacNeil special (508,000). That didn’t leave too many viewer for the new summer drama The Philanthropist, which drew 390,000 Wednesday night on Global.

Thursday night, CTV’s The Listener (which airs tonight on NBC) spoke to 798,000; the series is off to a rough start in the U.S. Finally, Harper’s Island remains a mystery on Global, with last night’s take down to 211,000.

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