Mister TV Feeds My Family gets goofy TV stuff sent to him every week. Some of it is junk, some of it is helpful, none of it ever winds up on eBay.

But hands down the coolest promotional thingy to arrive via courier this holiday season came yesterday. The good folks at Alliance Atlantis send over a little box containing, not another DVD screener or informational flash drive or old fashioned paper press release but three perfect Trailer Park Boys gingerbread cookies.

There, wrapped in cellophane tied up with cute little bows were Julian, Ricky and Bubbles. Julian even has his ever-present rum and coke in his right hand. Aww…
Having traveled to the Sunnyvale Trailer Park out near Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where the series is shot on a hill next to what once was a mental institution, I can say that the bakers have done the boys justice. (That’s me on the right, by the way, wiseguy. Bubbles has just awarded me Mr. Lahey’s car).

Now if only we could get word that more episodes of Trailer Park Boys have been ordered. Geez eh, it wouldn’t even be affected by that dumb-ass writer’s strike. What the &*%$!#* up with that, eh?

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