Quite a few people stayed up to see Jimmy Fallon’s late night debut in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. In Toronto on Barrie’s CKVR A channel, Fallon drew 44,000 2+ viewers (BBM Canada overnight estimates). Not bad for a show that began at 12:37 a.m.
That put it far ahead of timeslot rival The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, which managed only 11,000 viewers on E Ontario’s CHCH.
By comparison, Fallon’s NBC predecessor, Conan O’Brien, averaged 21,800 his last week on Toronto’s CKVR, with 26,000 catching his final Friday telecast.
Fallon’s debut actually did better than Late Show with David Letterman at 11:35 (34,000) and even beat Dave in the 25-54-year-old demo (24,000 to 20,000). It also beat CBC’s The Hour in Toronto an hour-and-a-half earlier (37,000).
The only shows beating Fallon in Monday’s late night in Toronto were The Tonight Show, which came immediately before it on CKVR (61,000) and CFTO’s Comedy Central comedies The Daily Show at 12:05 (60,000) and The Colbert Report at 12:35 (50,000), although both finished behind Fallon in the demo.
In Vancouver, with 16,000 2+ viewers, Fallon’s debut finished ahead of Letterman, Ferguson, Kimmel, Daily Show and Colbert and The Hour and behind only The Tonight Show, although Global Vancouver’s late night Entertainment Tonight hour at midnight beat them all.
Fallon’s debut was also a winner for NBC, scoring the highest Monday night rating in the timeslot in the metered markets in more than three years. Fallon beat Ferguson head-to-head and also beat Jimmy Kimmel in the half hour where the two shows overlapped.
Fallons guests the rest of this week: former Weekend Update deskmate Tina Fey (Tues.), Cameron Diaz (Wed.), Donald Trump (Thurs.) and Drew Barrymore (Fri.).
MONDAY’S PRIMETIME NUMBERS: Corner Gas‘s 100th episode, featuring Michael Buble, rebounded to 1,130,000 viewers on the commercial ratings scale (the final CTV total will be slightly higher). That placed it close behind CTV’s hit CBS comedies Two and a Half Men (1,591,000) and The Big Bang Theory (1,274,000). At 10, CSI Miami drew 1,570,000.
Jack Bauer boosted Global to 1,085,000 with a two hour 24. Heroes, which is really tanking in the U.S., managed 475,000 at 10.
CBC comedies Little Mosque on the Prairie (642,000) and Sophie (271,000) did a bit better than average this season, with Just For Laughs adding a so-so 382,000. Guest Peter Mansbridge lifted The Hour to 178,000 viewers at 11.
CBC’s big draw Monday night was–what else?–Jeopardy!, with an astonishing 7:30 take of 1,186,000 viewers, although, again, only 319,000 in the 25-54-year-old demo. Still, all those friends of Canadian broadcasting who whine about how the CBC overspent importing native son Alex Trebek back into Canada should do the math. The Canadian shows that follow on the CBC schedule would be in real jeopardy this season without Jeopardy.

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