With Vancouver through in four, CBC’s remaining round one NHL playoff games are going right through the five hole. The big hockey action is over at TSN, which scored 1,104,000 for a 9:30 Black Hawks/Flames game Monday night. CBC had to stall with reruns of Sophie (156,000) and Little Mosque (211,000) until their late, 10:30 San Jose/Anaheim start, which drew a Being Erica-like 511,000.
TSN has had the good luck to draw the tighter, more exciting series. Tonight’s Ranger/Capitals Game Seven nail biter is another thriller (with Caps taking it 2-1).
Jeopardy! ratings are also way offside since playoffs began. The long-running gamer, good for a million-a-night most weeks at 7:30, drew 273,000 Monday at 4 p.m. With last night’s late hockey start, why not shift it back to its usual dinnertime slot? Friday it drew 289,000 at 4, last Thursday, 184,000, Wednesday, 145,000. What is witness protection plan scheduling, Alex?
The lack of CBC hockey heat is allowing the private nets to skate straight up centre. Monday night, House (1,811,000) and 24 (1,068,000) were formidable as usual. CTV scored 1,603,000 (BBM Canada overnight estimate “commercial” tally) for CSI Miami, with Two and a Half Men picking up another 1,539,000.

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