CHML’s Scott Thompson can’t believe that last Sunday’s Grey Cup broadcast was by far the No. 1 draw in all of Canadian TV this year, topping six million viewers on TSN and RDI. He also can’t believe that the Grey Cup always kicks The Super Bowl’s butt in the Canadian ratings race. Seeing is believing, Scott, especially if you compare Thursday night’s Bills/Jets NFL snoozefest with Sunday’s Montreal/Saskatchewan CFL thriller.
He also wanted the dirt on Eric Braeden, the German-born actor who has played Victor Newman on the Young and the Restless for 30 years–and will continue to play him for at least another three after signing a new contract at the last minute in late October. I spoke with gentlemen Braeden for last Saturday’s Starweek cover and give Scott the scoop. You can listen in here.


  1. The Grey Cup always beats the Super Bowl? What numbers are you looking at because for the last 3 years the Super Bowl has had better ratings than the Grey Cup and probably will again this year. In fact, all NFL playoff numbers usually beat CFL playoff numbers.

  2. I’m looking at the BBM Canada ratings. TSN has seen big numbers all season long covering CFL games, with million-plus audiences in Canada throughout the playoffs. The January, 2009 Super Bowl drew 2 million fewers viewers than the 2009 Grey Cup so what numbers are you looking at?

  3. Why are you comparing to pre-PPM numbers from last season? It’s apples and oranges. The Super Bowl in February beat last years Grey Cup and the Super Bowl in 08 beat the Grey Cup from 07.

  4. CTV promoted the hell out of the last two Super Bowls and did edge the Grey Cups those years, sorta, but if you look at the last 20 years, people meters to people meters, its no contest. Grey Cup beats Super Bowl in Canada. And, for crying out loud, SIX MILLION VIEWERS???

  5. Doesn’t the Cdn rating system, old and new, exclude all U.S. broadcast channels?
    Viewers, I assume, across S. Ontario had a typical choice with Thursday’s Bills-Jets game, Cdn cable’s TSN or American Commercials supported Buffalo local affiliate carriage. Same goes for Sunday Night NFL.

  6. Oh I see. The Super Bowl only “sorta” beat the Grey Cup and that must have been because of promotion, the Grey Cup had none of that right?
    Anyways the numbers I’ve seen show it’s been like that for at least the past 3 years, probably longer than that too. So much for always kicking butt. You know Bill, you really expose your biases when you make statements that directly contradict the raw numbers. I guess your just one of those inferiority complexed CFL fans who can handle that there’s a more popular league. I wonder what you’ll say if the Super Bowl got 8 million, that it doesn’t count because everyone only wanted to see The Who?

    GQ, you’re right. Sometimes the American channels aren’t counted.

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