My son uses this word all the time but it really applies here; that scene last night on Glee was epic.


Stumbling upon a fake belly pad in a dresser drawer, Will (Matthew Morrison) finally gets to the truth about his psycho wife Terri’s pseudo pregnancy. He confronts her and before you can say “Tiger Woods,” their marriage is over.
Montreal-native Jessalyn Gilsig, as Terri, has one of the toughest jobs on television–making you care about this crazy. Yet you actually had sympathy for her last night in an electric scene that shocked this series straight back from the edge of all-out campiness.
As good as Gilsig is, is there anything Matthew Morrison can not do? The guy sings like the Broadway pro he is, pours his soul into everything from folk to rap, and dances any move or step thrown at him–and there have been some dandies this season. But his white hot rage, his intense, had-it-to-here malevolence in the incredibly dramatic marital meltdown scene Wednesday night should earn him serious Emmy consideration. Morrison took all the pain and suffering his character has kept bottled up inside him all season and detonated it Wednesday night. It was, as the kids say, epic.
The numbers for Glee are heating up leading into next Wednesday night’s winter finale. On Global, nearly 1.8 million tuned in Wednesday night, behind only Bones (2,215,000) and Dragon’s Den (1,937,000) overall on the night. In fact, Glee beat both those shows in the 25-54-year-old bracket, No. 1 there Wednesday night with nearly a million in the demo (all numbers BBM Canada overnight estimates).
Now that Terri’s secret is out, can Quinn’s true baby daddy news be far behind? Cory Monteith (Finn) told me in Toronto last month that Finn finds out he’s not the father at some point before next week’s winter finale episode ends, and, in Monteith’s words, “he loses his shit.”
Hard to imagine anybody losing it like Morrison did Wednesday night, a powerful performance from the guy who keeps Glee grounded.
OTHER WEDNESDAY NUMBERS: A repeat of Criminal Minds on CTV still drew 1,279,000. L&O SVU did 1,191,000. CBC`s Stars on Ice skated to 853,000. Red hot TSN scored 641,000 for a Canucks game. City’s Jay Leno at 10 sunk to 374,000. My Ice Pilots NWT buddies hit 255,000 on History. All that hype about Heather Locklear on Melrose Place and what was the payoff? 219,000. Fork time.
The news race: CTV at 11 1,258,000, Global at 5:30 1,057,000, CBC at 10/10:25 788,000/523,000.


  1. Morrison is immensibly likeable in this role and there isn’t a single second where you’re not rooting for him to succeed.

  2. I just watched it; I think you’re absolutely right about Gilsig and Morrison. And I loved how they did the reveal in the middle of the show with no build-up to it. I thought it was a great episode.

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