Hats off to the editors, producers and friends at Air Farce for turning that Tuesday night Roger Abbott tribute around on a dime. Founding Farcer Abbott, 64, died Saturday night after a private, 14-year battle with leukemia. CBC quickly responded with a tribute timeslot, but the original plan to re-air the most recent New Years’ Eve special didn’t have enough Abbott oomph for Air Farce insiders. A decision was reached at 4 p.m. Monday to hustle together a best-of clip special as a better way to pay homage to the beloved producer/comedian. While Abbott’s closest collaborators Don Ferguson and Luba Goy made the media rounds to speak about their loss, Farce forces literally worked around the clock to pull together the best of Abbott, including the hilarious bobsled sketch with John Morgan, as well as outtakes from the Farce DVDs of Abbott cracking up. Best of all, there was no sadness, all comedy, giving Abbott a chance to leave ’em laughing. Well done.

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  1. Hi Bill

    Thanks for the great article. As two of the “Air Farce insiders”, we can confirm that a team of dedicated and passionate Farcer’s did indeed work around the clock to make the show happen. Roger was a big part of all of our lives,so one sleepless night was the least we could do. Roger was always about the laughs, so it only seemed fitting to give him a show chalked full of them.

    A quick shout out to all the friends at CBC and Air Farce who stopped what they were doing to make the show happen on such short notice.

    Thanks for always being such a good friend to the show and friend to Roger.

    Rob and Kevin
    Air Farce writers/co-producers

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