The Langham isn’t what it used to be

PASADENA, CA–If you were watching Sunday’s football game on Fox, you may have noticed three or four hundred promos for a little something called Alcatraz. The two-hour series premiere begins tonight at 8 p.m. on City and Fox.
The supernatural drama has a pretty intriguing, easy to get premise: The famous San Francisco prison was shut down 50 years ago, yet inmates who were among those locked up at the time are back and committing crimes left and right. Are they Crime Ghosts?
Sam Neill stars as an FBI-type who seems to know more than he says about these baddies. Jorge Garcia (Lost) plays a science nerd who helps collect clues. The series hails from J.J. Abrams, the brainiac behind Lost, Aliens and a few other shows that pack fans into Comic-Con.
I was on the set last month in Vancouver and a Warner Bros. photographer snapped me in one of the cells. The prison toilet paper gag never gets old.
The series is produced at the same North Shore studio where The X Files once held court. There was a panel with the cast here at press tour, but my ribs were still aching from all those funny stories Sam Neill told out west so I skipped his scrum. Besides, I already wrote about the Alcatraz set visit for The Canadian Press. You can read that entire feature here.

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