Baruchel trolling for love on Man Seeking Woman

Jay Baruchel has grown since I first met him, and not just as an actor. That was way back at the TCA Fox party for Undeclared in 2001. He was just a punk kid in the freshman college comedy, part of an awesome cast which included another funny Canuck, Seth Rogan. They were basically two kids in search of Green Cards with Judd Apatow as a boss. Rogan, 18 at the time, was also a writer on that series.

Baruchel already had a following as one of the teen hosts (along with Elisha Cuthbert) on PMK: Popular Mechanics for Kids. The Ottawa-native stars as a sad-sack who is looking for love in Man Seeking Woman. The shot-in-Toronto comedy premieres Wednesday night at 10:30 p.m. on FXX and FXX Canada.

Baruchel was shooting a scene at an old, neighbourhood skating rink in the west end of Toronto when I was invited to a location shoot a few months ago. Now 32, he’s an impressive lad who committed to making a living in Canada. Read more about the series here in this feature I wrote for The Canadian Press. Read more about Baruchel and his commitment to working in Canada here in this article I wrote which appears in Wednesday’s Toronto Star.

Follow this link to a review of the series written by The Hollywood Reporter’s Tim Goodman. The series made me laugh and Tim describes it perfectly.

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