If you happen to live in and around the Vancouver area, it’s a great day for hay and also a great week for catching Letterkenny Live!

Jared Keeso, Nathan Dales, K. Trevor Wilson and Mark Forward from the Crave comedy original Letterkenny are winding up their year-end “Encore” tour this week with stage shows in Vancouver and Kelowna. They play Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre Tuesday, Dec. 18 and then move on to the Kelowna Community Theatre on Wednesday, Dec. 19. For tickets, follow this link.

I saw them a week or so ago at Mississauga’s Living Arts Centre and they gave the fans exactly what they wanted, including — for a price — plenty of Pupper’s Premium Lager.

The show takes full advantage of Forward and Wilson’s well-polished stand-up stage acts. Forward, who plays the always agitated hockey coach on the series, delivers a blue and blistering set that is funny as hell, although don’t show up with a three year old like one family did at the ‘Sauga set. Holy lord, there may not be enough soothers in the GTA suburb to calm that little one after Forward’s barrage of F-bombs.

“K Trev,” as pals call him, takes a more family friendly approach. A Just for Laughs veteran, he’s more of a storyteller, with plenty of road stories that build to a punchline. Both are funny and entertaining but you really will see the ying and the yang of Canadian stand up at Letterkenny Live.

You’re allowed to take picture of the stage but don’t do it once the cast comes on or there’ll be a donnybrook, see?

Keeso and Dales used to play pick up hockey in Vancouver back when they started dreaming up this series over beers. Not much has changed, except not they basically stand or sit on stage with Wilson and chirp at each other and the audience between swigs of Puppers.


One funny bit was them coming up with Canadian/American names for classic TV shows, such as “Sesame Street Legal.” Outtakes and video clips featuring other cast members are also shared up on a big screen.

A new six-pack of Letterkenny comes to Crave on Christmas Day. Streaming now is the Hick-themed holiday special A Letterkenny Christmas: The Three Wise Men. The series is also available for streaming Stateside on Hulu. And — for that tot who got her ears blistered by Forward — a new animated version of the series is also in the works. Potty-mouthed put downs not included!

For more on Keeso, the series’ busy actor/writer/producer, check out the cover story I wrote for this month’s edition of Movie Entertainment magazine.

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