The second episode of Canada’s Got Talent saw more talented performers get voted on to the next round, including another Golden Ticket winner.

That was the Vancouver troupe of Hip Hop dancers named GRVMNT. Judge Kardinal Offishall loved that they were out to prove that Hip Hop was more than just a side act. Fellow judge Lilly Singh slammed down on the buzzer, sending the large troupe straight on to the semi-final round.

Me, I have to give props to Brampton home boy Savio Joseph. He put it all on the line, stating he would stake his future on what the judges did at his Canada’s Got Talent audition. The confident lad is fresh off university, having studied computer science, which as Howie Mandel noted, seems to be a pretty good field to be in right now.

So he wants to ditch science for magic? Yup, and he pulled off a pretty cool trick to make his point this past Tuesday. It involved setting fire to the hundred-dollar bill Howie just happened to have tucked in his pocket; his wife, he said, gives it to him just in case he gets lost. It was a hundred Canadian, too, so good on Howie, still caring about our currency.

Did Savio save the day and get voted on to the next round? Did Howie get his C-note back? Read more in the recap I wrote for Rogers which you can read here. I’ll be filing a new recap each week throughout the run of the series.

Canada’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Citytv, with catch-up available on Rogers Ignite TV, and Citytv Now.


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