Dave Broadfoot


A friend of mine who tends to joke about these things, emailed to say he was afraid to visit his mother-in-law “Endora” over the Christmas holidays. “Was worried that Doctor Bombay wouldn’t be around to turn me back into me at some point.” Just another reminder of all the people we grew up with on

I spent a lovely afternoon five years ago with the great Dave Broadfoot. The comedian, who died Tuesday at 90, was the guy who came before; as in before SCTV, before The Kids in the Hall, before even the comedy troupe he was most often associated with, The Royal Canadian Air Farce. I met Broadfoot after

In this second clip from my conversation with Dave Broadfoot, the Canadian comedy legend talks about his early influences. Among those who made him sit a little closer to the radio were Allan Young, a fellow Canadian who would go on to fame opposite a talking horse on Mr. Ed. A young Broadfoot used to watch