Star power makes a difference, whether it’s a TV show or a TV press tour. Take George Clooney, who was live and in person in Pasadena Monday before members of the Television Critics Association. Clooney acts, directs and is an executive producer on “Catch 22,” a new adaptation of Joseph Heller’s seminal novel. The WWII

Does ER do better in counties with universal health care?Take a look at how the ER series finale fared in Canada compared to the U.S. The two hour finale of the long running medical drama scored 2.8 million viewers Thursday night on CTV (“total” viewers according to BBM NMR overnight estimates). That will vault it

Back when I worked at TV Guide, ER was a phenomenon, far and away the highest rated drama on television. The series cracked the 40 million viewer mark on several occasions, hitting 42 mill in the US when Doug Ross (George Clooney) pulled that kid out of the storm sewer in Season Two. Consider that