Fernwood 2Nite


Before Late Night with David Letterman and within a year or two of Saturday Night Live and SCTV there was a little show that firmly planted the irony flag on the comedy landscape: Fernwood 2Nite. This offshoot from the equally groundbreaking Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman deconstructed talk show television in a way rarely seen on

It takes a real late night talk show host to truly appreciate the genius that was Fred Willard. Monday night on his “Live at Home” show, Kimmel paid a heartfelt tribute to Willard, who passed away Saturday at the age of 86. Kimmel spoke of growing up a fan of Fernwood 2Nite (1977-78), the brilliant

I was just starting university in 1977 when a strange little show became something of an obsession: Fernwood 2Nite. It was spun-off from the equally odd and hilarious Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman with TV comedy legend Norman Lear in on both productions. Alan Thicke was among the Fernwood producers. The series mocked local, small-market TV