Lloyd Robertson


Well, that was five hours I’ll never get back. The federal election coverage was like being dragged to an in-law wedding where dinner and booze are never served, the speeches are terrible and nobody wants to kiss the bride. CBC held their pundit-palooza in a dark, cavernous space with desks strewn like train cars across

Our Lady of Peace had JFK’s official portrait Are you old enough to remember the Kennedy assassination?I was in Grade One at Our Lady of Peace school in Etobicoke. Because it was a Catholic school, there was a portrait of U.S. president John F. Kennedy in the hallway–near a portrait of The Queen. I think

This time of year, everybody who does what I do for a living types up their end of the year highlights. The best & worst of 2011, all tied up with a bow. Mine popped up in several newspapers and web sites after hitting the wire last week for The Canadian Press.I topped my take

Over 2.1 million Canadians tuned in for Lloyd Robertson’s final newscast an anchor of CTV National News. According to the network, the overnight, estimated, BBM tally of 2,110,000 viewers Thursday was a CTV National News record excluding broadcasts during the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.The one hour documentary special which preceded the newscast–Lloyd Robertson: And That’s

Just as my kids have never known life without The Simpsons, few Canadians have known life without Lloyd Robertson.Canada’s Most Trusted News anchor signs off for the last time tonight on the CTV National News. He’s been a TV newsman since before CTV was on the air, on televison since the mid-’50s.I had the pleasure