Golden Globes about as funny as a flu shot

Sunday’s 76th Annual Golden Globes was truly a star-studded affair. Too bad the opening monologue was such a bust. Co-hosts Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh (above) walked on stage at the Beverly Hilton and performed  what seemed like the worst Saturday Night Live sketch ever. Smug irony just doesn’t sell anymore in 2019, not with… Read on

Radio report: Einstein, mid-season and The Globes

Tired of coming here and being forced to read? Want to simply hear me yakking about television in the background while you goof off at home or at work? Here’s a link to a radio interview I did earlier this week with news anchor Sheldon MacLeod at Halifax’s News 95.7. Sheldon broke the news to… Read on

The Golden Globes: just as bleepin’ boring as ever

PASADENA, Calif.–Being about an hour’s drive away from Sunday’s 73rd Annual Golden Globes did not make the NBC broadcast any more entertaining. All the promotional spots for NBC’s new mid-season shows–that was different from what would have been substituted on the CTV feed in Canada. The ads for places such as IHOP were different, too. Maybe… Read on

Last week’s podcast: some Golden Globe blather

Here’s a bit of an oldie–it goes way back to last week, Dec. 10 to be exact. I was on the streets of Vancouver, dodging raindrops, and had to duck into a large bank building to take this call from Geoff Currier at AM680, CJOB in Winnipeg. Geoff wanted to talk about the just-released Golden Globe… Read on

Golden Globes for Transparent and Jane finally prompts shomi to show-em

PASADENA, Calif.–The big winner from Sunday night’s Golden Globes may be TV viewers in Canada: they finally found out where they can see the best show on television. Transparent is coming to shomi. I sat on this since October after learning of the pickup while at MIPCOM in Cannes but played along with the Shaw/Rogers… Read on

This week’s podcast: recapping Golden Globes

CHML’s Scott Thompson called up for a special Monday edition of the weekly podcast. The topic? Sunday night’s Golden Globes, of course. Scott wanted to know if female comedians can still be sexy. Certainly hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler both work for me.This leads to a big discussion of TV vs. film. Later Scott… Read on

Tarnishing The Golden Globes

I probably shouldn’t be using phrases like “crooks,” “weasels” and “less legitimate than the Gemini Awards” to describe The Golden Globes, but that’s what I’ve been doing this afternoon in a series of syndicated CBC radio interviews. I’m scheduled to be on with Matt Galloway at CBC Toronto’s Here and Now at 4:50.TV critics in… Read on