Two hours of TV talk with Toronto Mike

Scheduling is not always my strong point, so, yes, it took six months for me to finally get my ass down to Etobicoke and be a guest on Mike Boon’s very popular Toronto Mike Podcast. Do the dishes, turn off your mobile devices and get settled in for a two hour-plus conversation about Etobicoke, Michael Power-St. Josephs,… Read on

THROWBACK THURSDAY: When critics smoked pipes

Back when I was a wee lad, Cleveland Amory would review shows for TV Guide magazine. He was on the back page, in a pencil sketch, wearing the typical white shirt and black tie reporter uniform of the ’60s. He was clutching a pipe, which is how you knew he was a critic. Reading his stuff… Read on

Tonight begins the 15th and final season of the Mercer Report

I first met Rick Mercer 24 years ago. I had a very cool assignment from TV Guide; go to Halifax, spend a week with the cast and crew of This Hour Has 22 Minutes and find out how they go from newspaper headlines to a sketch comedy series in five days. Mercer was a young lad at the… Read on

Alan Thicke 1947 – 2016

You never want to hear about anyone dying at 69, and I can’t imagine the heartache his 19-year-old son Carter experienced watching his dad being stricken right before his eyes. There is something so Canadian, however, about Alan Thicke meeting his end on a Burbank, Ca., hockey rink. Thirty years ago, Alan Thicke was one of the biggest stars… Read on

Leonard Nimoy: 1931 – 2015

Sometimes when a famous TV personality dies, I get asked to talk about the person on the radio. I got a message from a producer today asking if I would speak about Leonard Nimoy. Star Trek‘s original Spock passed away Friday at 83. Since the interview was for Arlene Bynon I quickly said yes. We chat every Monday… Read on

TV Guide Canada: burying a world famous brand

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post reported Bell Media pulled the plug on TV Guide Canada. That is incorrect. The decision to end TV Guide Canada was made by TC Media. Bell Media’s TheLoop was a content partner but Bell had no role in TV Guide Canada’s demise. Brioux.TV regrets the error. News this… Read on

Harry “The Hat” Purvis: 1924 – 2013

Harry with unidentified fan. Photo courtesyJerry Van Eerdewijk Way, way back when I worked at TV Guide, there was a dapper gentleman who used to hitch a ride in once a week from Hamilton, Ont. He might write a few listings, or do a trivia column, or just chat up the ladies in the art… Read on

SFO salutes television when it first took off

“Lucy–you got some smokin’ to do!” SAN FRANCISCO—At first, I was kinda bummed my flight to Pasadena to attend the January 2012 TCA press tour would detour through the San Fran airport, a necessary stopover in order to cash in some Areoplan points. Mmmm–points. Then I happened upon a treasure trove of television history. Truly,… Read on