The Banff World Television Festival has just announced that Sofia Milos of The Border will receive their Award of Excellence when the annual TV Fest gathers this June.

Now, any excuse to run a photo of Milos here is always welcome. The Swiss born beauty is the straw that stirs The Border drink. But Banff Award of Excellence? The Award celebrates “exceptional achievement through a body of work over an extended period of time.” Now, body of work–look at her–but, c’mon–The Border‘s sixth episode airs next Monday. It hasn’t even been on the air two months.

Granted, she acted opposite David Caruso for several seasons on CSI: Miami. According to some of Caruso’s former co-stars, that does merit some kind of an award. But compare Milos to some past winners of the BWTF Award of Excellence and the babe seems to have jumped the line. The list includes CSI showrunner Carol Mendelsohn (2007), Canadian acting icon Gordon Pinsent (2004), Sopranos genius David Chase (2003), prolific producer Gary David Goldberg (2002), Canadian film icon Norman Jewison (2001), Law & Order boss Dick Wolf (2000), human script machine David E. Kelley (1999), 60 Minutes visionary Don Hewitt (1998), sitcom maven Diane English (1997) and producer extrodinaire Steven Bochco (1996).

These are all Hall of Famers in their fields. All due respect to Milos, she’s not yet in their league.
Obvious question: In a season hammered by a prolonged labor dispute, why didn’t Banff select a writer for this year’s honor? As for body of work over extended period of time, well, Lloyd Robertson’s been tinting his hair longer than Milos has been alive. Hell, Walter Cronkite’s still alive and even has a new gig on a U.S. seniors network.

Sorry, just took another look at that photo of Milos. It all makes sense now. The annual Banff TV Fest runs June 8-11.


  1. I think the clue is later in the announcement … she’s participating in an In Conversation session and they seem to throw in an award to entice the big names. I guess a Hollywood actress qualifies.

    I remember when Paul Haggis was there in 2006 they gave him the NBC Universal Canada Award of Distinction which “exemplifies achievement and advancement in the Canadian entertainment industry”. In his acceptance speech he said that since he’s spent his entire career in the US industry he was puzzled by that particular award, but grateful nonetheless.

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