That “Yes!” you just heard came from CBC where The Border rocketed back up to 716,000 viewers Monday night.

The Week The Women Went had another solid outing Monday, drawing 802,000 viewers. The Series finale is in two weeks, but look for CBC to bring this one back, with small towns in other regions like Quebec and The Maritimes likely on the radar.

The beneficiary of all this good fortune on Mondays is CBC News, which scored 822,000 yesterday evening at 10.
CBC’s highest-rated show Monday night? What else, Coronation Street, with 856,000 viewers. I am at a loss.
Again, CBC had a better night than Global, with the Sean Combs’ starrer A Raisin In The Sun coming third in Canada, managing only 547,000 viewers opposite The Week The Women Went. In the U.S. on ABC (where it benefited from all that Oscar promotion), the two-hour TV-movie won its timeslot.

CTV won Monday night but not by much, with The Moment of Truth (986,000), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (833,000) and a new episode of Medium (1,183,000) all winning their timeslots in households according to BBM NMR overnight data.

CTV’s Degrassi: The Next Generation continues to underwhelm at 455,000 Monday. CBC, meanwhile, continues to get bonus numbers from the under the radar family offering Heartland, which quietly scored another 625,000 viewers Sunday night.


  1. hey man. do you know how jpod did? i’m such a fan and really hope for them to continually do well and get picked up!

  2. anon 5:46

    i don’t have it in front of me but i think it did just over 300.

    i can post the real number tomorrow

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