Cheech & Chong: Still Smokin’ –

Meant to post this earlier, but The Toronto Star ran my story on Cheech & Chong Saturday. You can read it here.
Had a wonderful chat with both gentlemen on the phone this past week. Chong took the call as the duo were rehearsing for Saturday night’s shows at Toronto’s Massey Hall, their favorite venue. Cheech was very warm and friendly on the phone, and both were pretty frank about how their egos got in the way of their act, leading to a two decade cooling off period.
I was never a hard core Cheech & Chong fan (never got that high back in the day, believe it or not) but you gotta love any comedy team, especially one that endured breakups and drug busts and still can smile for the camera the way these two dudes can all those bitter years later.
Chong told me they were “just doing what The Beatles wished they had done” by getting back together, which is proof drugs can make you delusional. This is more like if The Beatles got back together to get stoned, which they probably did. Or if Martin & Lewis got back together again. Or if Bullock and Brioux got back together…maybe I am high.
Cheech & Chong’s “Light Up America/Canada” tour’s only other scheduled Canadian stop is in Vancouver, where it all begain for them as a team. Look for them there Dec. 5.

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