Simpsons’ Al Jean Talks Treehouse of Horror

Halloween is upon us, although it seems like Christmas after my new hero, CRTC chair Konrad von Finckensein didn’t “shell out” yesterday. He took one look at those brazen broadcasters, standing there holding goodie bags open like punk teens on Halloween after 9 p.m., and slammed the door in their face. (I did a round… Read on

Go Konrad!

As they sang in Bye Bye Birdie, we love you Konrad, we really do. CRTC chairman Konrad von Finckenstein is my new hero. The dude stood up to CTV, Global and CBC and said get your filthy, stinkin’ mitts out of the pockets of consumers.Well, he didn’t say that exactly. (Read more about today’s decision… Read on

Going Mano-a-Mano with Jim Manos

Had a blast yesterday chatting on stage with James Manos Jr (above, being awarded an eight-year-old Chrysler Neon. Photo courtesy Playback’s special reports editor Suzan Ayscough). He was flown in from L.A. to be part of the day-long Playback Innovations Forum at the St. Lawrence Centre. Manos created Dexter and won an Emmy writing scripts… Read on

What a Farce–CBC Shutting Down its No. 1 Show

Saturday Night Live isn’t the only sketch series getting a boost from all these elections. Air Farce (featuring Alan Park as Barack Obama, above) continues to surprise heading into its final flight on Friday nights. Last week 859,000 tuned in, well above last season’s average.In fact, aside from always dominant Hockey Night in Canada (which… Read on

Opie’s America Gets a Wake Up Call

This is already everywhere, including Facebook, but what the hell–it deserves to be embedded throughout the Internet.Ron Howard is The Bomb. (What was he directing? Could…could it be that long-rumoured Arrested Development movie??) When Opie says America is headed down a “divisive and wrong-headed path,” you have to listen. I’d watch he and Andy Griffith… Read on

Dishing With Dexter Boss at Playback Forum

My buddy John Doyle calls the other day. Sounded dreadful. Just back from Ireland and sick as a dog. Needs a favor: can I fill in for him as an interviewer at the Playback Innovations Forum?Which brings us to this Tuesday at 1:20 at the Jane Mallett Theatre at the St. Lawrence Centre for the… Read on

Polite Talk With Valerie Pringle

How rude can we get? Valerie Pringle asks the direct question in her CBC documentary Rude: Where Are Our Manners? It airs next Thursday, Oct. 30 on CBC’s Doc Zone.It is a question you could well ask of today’s politicians but never of Pringle herself, although she’s the first to insist she’s not above the… Read on

He Shoots, He Scores

More yakkity-yak about that crazy Rent-A-Goalie trip to Newfoundland can be heard on this week’s radio chat with CHML’s Scott Thompson. You can listen in here. Included are details from my interview with Phil Esposito at the RAG third season premiere party Monday. Espo was offered a role in The Godfather?! That should have been… Read on