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How rude can we get? Valerie Pringle asks the direct question in her CBC documentary Rude: Where Are Our Manners? It airs next Thursday, Oct. 30 on CBC’s Doc Zone.
It is a question you could well ask of today’s politicians but never of Pringle herself, although she’s the first to insist she’s not above the odd traffic-induced temper tantrum. Spoke with Pringle this week for a CP story, you can read the full piece here. Have known Val since back in the day when I was TV boy three times a week on CBC’s Midday. She shared the desk back then with Ralph Benmergui. Seems like 100 years ago now.
Pringle’s a pro and has worked everything from CTV’s Canada AM to CBC’s Antiques Road Show. She has several projects coming up, including another doc recounting a climb up Mount Kilimanjaro with several Canadian breast cancer survivors plus a long cherished dream to do a comprehensive, five-part series on The Great Lakes.
This nugget from the Rude special: where is the most civil part of Canada? Turns out it is Prince Edward Island. Damn, and I had Mimico in the pool.

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