Went over that whole Canadian Idol deal again with Scott Thompson on CHML yesterday. You can listen in here. I maintain it is disingenuous for CTV to position this as the result of the slumping economy when really it is all about a slumping TV show.

For those worried about what Ben Mulroney will do now, be of good cheer. I’ve always said that Ben Mulroney will always have a place on Canadian TV–as long as other people have talent.
Certainly Ben’s fate will be sunnier than the 600 Canadians who lost their jobs this week at the company where his father is chairman–Quebecor’s Sun Media. A chilling 49 folks lost their livelihood right before Christmas at the Toronto Sun, including many former friends and colleagues. The Toronto Sun Family blog has reported on all the job losses across the chain in a remarkably comprehensive and respectful way. You can only shake your head when you read that endless list of names and think of all the families affected. How the hell do you cut six jobs at the North Bay Nugget, or 13 in St. Catharines, or 11 in Peterborough, without gutting a newspaper?

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