TV Feeds My Family has gone a bit overboard on Jimmy Fallon this week, what with his debut and all (Drew Barrymore guests tonight). This is not to overlook all the other cool stuff happening elsewhere on late night these days. Check out this finger lickin’ good spoof on Jimmy Kimmel Live from a week or so ago: Mel Gibson stars in “The Colonel”:

Kimmel, who rocked the Internet when he and gal pal Sarah Silverman did their dueling Matt Damon/Ben Affleck videos, has done it again, combining big names with great production values in an edgy, over-the-top sketch. How crazy is it that Miracle on the Hudson hero “Sully” Sullivan has a cameo? I get a little sick of Cousin Sal and some of Kimmel’s family of characters, but nobody does filmed bits better in late night.
Craig Ferguson, too, has had a strong week, kicked off with that CBS stunt pairing him with Paris Hilton on a series of interstitials Monday. Ferguson can rip off a rant like nobody else, especially when he weighs in on weightier issues like he did this week on Apartheid or his take on swearing, including the seven words you can never say on CBS: “Let’s give Craig Ferguson a decent salary.”

Any comedian who can make you laugh and think and move discussions the next day from a platform at quarter to one in the morning is on top of his game.
Finally, how cool was it having U2 kick Letterman up a notch all week? Besides their blistering musical set pieces, the Irish rockers played along with several comedy bits, lamely shoveling snow Monday and having fun with the Top-10 list Wednesday, where The Edge even snuck in a juicy ad lib slam against Sting. Check it out below and catch their last set tonight.

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