Trust Deggans’ Take on the Jackson Wake –

Colleague Eric Deggans told me several years ago he knew how to save Michael Jackson’s recording career. Deggans, the TV/media critic for the St. Petersburg Times of Florida, isn’t just a TV scribe, he’s a former music columnist, so when he talks music, I listen.
When Jackson’s 2001 album Invincible came out, it did not have much impact, but Deggans felt the album had its moments and that all Jackson had to do was to take his voice down an octave or two to prolong and revive his stalled singing career. I remember the comment because Deggans was still thinking about Jackson’s music instead of the whole other crazy stuff, which not too many other people were bothering to do in 2001.
So if you want to get an informed opinion on the Top-11 moments from today’s Michael Jackson memorial, including daughter Paris’ sweet, teary shout out to her departed dad, get it from Deggans. His blog is The Feed and you’ll find his Jackson memorial list here.

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