Survivor 20 Week Four: Cirie Later Alligator –

Confusious say: man who call himself Coach not really team player.
Coach is nuts. A fame-sucking narcissist, he’s all weepy one minute and crowing about being the last of the Mohicans the next. He is either pre-menstrual or post-partum.
The two teams fought over stuff from Sears. You ever try to return stuff at Sears? Like being on a deserted island. Everybody got all oiled up to play slide and dunk. Muscleman James glistened like Mr. America. Amanda again took the bikini title.
Both tribes got a little note that told them to go look for immunity dolls. Russell started sniffing around right away, leading to the quote of the night from Boston Rob: “He’s like a hobbit on crack.”
Tom found his team’s immunity thingy, which came in handy when the Zeros lost at Big Balls and Little Balls.
This led to the best tribal council ever. The sand and puzzle games are all eye candy, but the brain game is all about the vote. These savvy players know their math. The Yoda of them all is Tom, who put on a clinic in tribe control. An alliance savant, he could keep a minority government in power for decades. He used his get out of jail card, kept Colby in his pocket and managed to turn J.T. around long enough to eliminate his most dangerous opponent—Cirie. It was, as Probst observed, this game’s first blindside. Tom knew that Cirie was “way too good at wrapping some of these weak minds around your little finger.” Tom now has the rest of them under his thumb.
Next week: Candice suddenly thinks Tom is dreamy and another slip and fall is edited to look like a fatality.

Amber Dowling (TV Guide Canada): “It wasn’t as obvious who was going home (oh Cirie, you do play such a great social game), and viewers got the stuff teenaged wet dreams are made of: oiled bodies, to top last week’s mud wrestling. Any takers that Jello will be involved in one of next Thursday’s challenges?” Read the rest of Dowling’s recap next week.

Michael Bolen (The National Post): “The unsettling combination of paranoid insecurity and Last of the Mohicans “machismo” that lies at the heart of Coach’s heroic persona is so entertaining that you’re forced to confront the question of whether it’s real. He’s the perfect reality TV specimen: A trainwreck so inscrutable he leads you to wonder if the producers just made him up.” Read the rest of Bolen’s recap here.

Kat Angus ( “As much as I love the Villains tribe, watching the Heroes get their asses handed to them week after week is starting to bum me out. They don’t get along, they can’t play slip-and-slide basketball, they can’t maneuver a maze blindfolded – after a certain point, it just gets sad. How did these people even make it through Survivor the first time?” Read the rest of Angus’ latest recap here.

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