CTV Buys, Buries Conan O’Brien in Overnight

As Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog might say, one a.m. is a great time to schedule a late night talk show–for me to poop on! If you don’t have a PVR, you’ll have to stay up until that unGodly hour to catch Conan O’Brien this fall on CTV. That’s the word as the Canadian private network unveiled its fall schedule Thursday morning. O’Brien–who left NBC after that network asked him to shove his short-lived Tonight Show back after midnight–will air two hours later in Canada than it will appear in America. TBS launches O’Brien’s new talk show at 11 p.m. next November.
CTV has slotted O’Brien after its popular midnight news parodies The Daily Show and Colbert Report, a perfect fit if you are an insomniac.
CTV also announced that they are bringing back both Monday Canadian made comedies Hiccups and Dan for Mayor along with The Bridge, Flashpoint and a second season of The Listener–none of which will be on their U.S. content-loaded fall CTV or /A schedules. So You Think You Can Dance Canada, however, will boogie back in September. Season 45 of Degrassi is also comin’ ‘atcha in some easy to swallow serialized package.
More details to come following CTV’s upfront happening this evening in Toronto.

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  1. As a fan of all three (Stewart, Colbert and O’Brien), I am very happy about the setup. Sure, my sleep will suffer but that isn’t anything new. Plus a tip: with the timeshifting offered by cable and satelite, you can watch the whole CTV late night lineup an hour early – if you’re in the Eastern time zone – by watching CTV Atlantic.


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